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Night Flight and the surprise landing at PDX International

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The night flight was awesome!

Made my flight plans and reached the airport at 7.30 pm. Tom was already there. Plan was to do 10 stop and gos and a total of 3 hour in-flight time to meet the license requirements.

I filed the flight plan, did the pre-flight checks with a red flash light. That takes a few minutes to get used to. Because Pooja was with us, Tom and me had to do 3 touch and Gos for him to be night-current before she could hop in the airplane. That was an interesting experience. Wind was pretty strong, kind of a crosswind blowing at 14kn. I did the runup and taxied short of runway 30. Tom took over from there, did 3 touch and Gos and then I took the controls back to taxi back to parking.
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Night Flying today

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Yay! So it is that day when the forecast for night flying is good and Tom is available too.

I am really excited, so is Pooja.

Plan is to fly from Hillsboro Airport to Aurora (KUAO), fly over it and catch I-5 South and follow that till Salem and then cut across to Corvallis (CVO). And then trace the same route back to Hillsboro.

Need to plan for it and condition myself for the 10 takeoffs / landings at night.

Will be fun.

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