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One month old already

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One month old already

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Our baby girl is one month old today. She loves to stare at bright
lights. Has no fear of loud banging sounds but gets startled with the
slightest ting from the kitchen downstairs.

She loves listening to music, is a quiet baby in the absence of
hunger, colic and a dirty diaper. Kicks a lot trying to push herself
up. Loves to hang out on my shoulder with hers arms dangling out
towards my back.

Tomorrow is her first month doctor’s appointment and she will get her
first immunization shots. We are bracing for any after effects she
might have.

Music to my ears

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Between all the madness of handling the office move, I saw someone playing a guitar and my wish to learn to play a guitar surfaced again. Other than the instruments I play, I always liked guitar and piano. I learnt various percussion instruments for 7 years in high school. Tried my hand on string instruments too but could not put in enough time to practice. I know a couple of guitar shops in NYC. I might end up buying a guitar over this weekend. Will take help of some clueful friends though.

Another good song from my archives – Khamosh Raat from the movie Thakshak.

Khamosh raat
sehami hawa
tanaha tanaha dil apna

Aur dooor kahin
raushan hua
ek chehra

Ye sach hai ya sapna
Ye sach hai ya sapna

Singer: Roop Kumar Rathod
Music: A.R. Rehman

*sigh* Back to work.

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