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Seaplane Flying in Alaska

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This is an edited video of my Seaplane Flying adventure in Alaska in August 2016 –

Software Defined Everything

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Information Technology world lives and breathes buzzwords. No doubt there is innovation happening but the over hype-fication by crafty marketing teams almost borders the snake-oil experience. For example, here is what Google says about Cloud Computing –

Cloud Com-put-ing
The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

By that definition, my Yahoo email account and first website on Geocities (circa 199x) were made possible by cloud computing. But where were all the cloud certification courses, cloud strategy consultants, private cloud platforms, cloud this and cloud that? The term cloud computing started buzz-ing only in the past 10 years. Lipstick on a pig and tadaaa!! hosted services Cloud Computing!

Type “Software Defined” in a search engine and the first few pages are filled with results for “Software Defined Networks” and “Software Defined Storage”. Software defined concepts are not new.

Software Defined Software
When code written in C/C++ or any other high level language is compiled, it results in machine executable instructions being generated.

That is “software defining software”.

High level languages make software development easier and accessible to the general public, who otherwise would not fare well dealing with assembly language. Also, the pace of progress would very slow. With libraries and modules being built to make life easier for future generation of programmers, these layers are simply put – software defining software that defines software.

Software Defined Hardware
Emulation and Virtualization.

Hardware Emulation translates functions of one type of hardware on other hardware platforms. Unicorn CPU emulator is a good example. Emulation is very useful in prototyping and is also used to implement portable code. One of the tools popular with hardware product teams are FPGAs. These generic programmable logic boards have become a key part of hardware design processes and they also end up being used for the final product. Here is a cool Nintendo emulator implementation on FPGA.

Hardware Virtualization has become a huge part of IT solutions. Primary selling points were consolidation and efficient resource usage. But virtualization has expended into several other use cases as well. In the past 10 years, virtualization has completely transformed IT infrastructure architectures, both hardware and software. The next wave is containerization for next generation “Cloud Computing” implementations. Everyone wants to be Google!

Software Defined Sound and Light
With entertainment systems going digital, content digitization added a whole new set of capabilities. Sound waves (voice/music) and light (photo/video) are sampled by hardware sensors thousands of times a second and a binary representation is created. More frequent samples-per-second create higher resolution data.

This digital representation is then used to recreate the original content on a screen. Music and video data defines what the re-playing software does to pixels on the screen.

That is? Software defined sound and light!

This completely revolutionized entertainment as we know it. Content can be copied, filtered and processed with special effects on the fly, all in software. New filters and processing techniques can be added as new algorithms are developed. This massively improved computer gaming user experience.

Remember .MOD and .STM files? MIDI? DosBox (Dos Emulator) works very well. Inertia Player, STM player. Fun!

Software Defined Control Systems
Fly by wire?

  • Pilots move a physical cockpit control (yoke or joystick)
  • Hardware sensors read that movement and convert it to digital sensor data
  • Airplane control system software computes an appropriate control surface response
  • Software then controls hydraulic actuators to move airplane control surfaces (aileron, elevator, flaps)
  • Combine this with a flight management system that has GPS location data, airspace information and software can pretty much fly the airplane from takeoff to landing

By defining control surface movements in software, a computer can help pilots fly with more precision and automation. As more data from newer sensors is made available, software changes can add newer flight tools in the cockpit.

Software Defined Radio
I have always believed that radio geeks are geekier than IT geeks. SDRs allow IT and Radio geekery to be combined into super geeks. SDRs simplify radio hardware devices and allow them to be coupled with powerful and flexible software. This combination completely blows away roadblocks in the way of radio technology innovation.

Amateur radio and other hobbyists now have a rich toolset to experiment with and build on top of the basic hardware / software combination. Take a look at this excellent introduction to SDRs by a very bright ~10 yrs old –

Not everything is snake-oil in the recent wave of software defined technology updates. Its just that the marketing hype needs to be sifted through to really understand where real innovation is happening.

That is a topic for a future post.

CQ WW DX 2015

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Its that time of the year when amateur radio frequencies light up like a Christmas tree on the air. Pretty much every khz of the popular bands (20m, 40m) is occupied with voice recorders spewing out CQ/QRZ calls from contesting stations. Other bands are busy too depending on propagation and conditions.


And then there are a few regular rag chewers (group chat types) trying to weather the onslaught of busy bands, and try to talk at length as usual. Occasionally, a contest station would wander around and end up transmitting on their frequency and be given a piece of mind from the rag chewers. Fun to listen in.

Its all quite remarkable actually. Most contacts last not more than a few seconds, enough to exchange information for the contest log book. First of all, for the uninitiated, Amateur radio contesting is all about making as many “contacts” as possible in a short period of time. Points are earned based on how many continents, countries, areas, etc. you make contacts in and then the number of those contacts. There is a long list of contests that happen every year.

If you get into contesting seriously, it is an excellent way to learn about and optimize your antenna, radio setup for optimal performance. With the equipment all set, one would need to come up with a strategy of what bands to operate on and during what time of the day/night. That is based on propagation data. Propagation data is available from various sources and also have translated versions like this –

Once equipment is setup and propagation based strategy is set, then comes the workflow of how you run the equipment. There are various categories of operation like SO2R – Single Operator 2 Radios. Combine that with the type of modes one can run the radios in – CW (Morse Code), Packet Radio, SSB (Single SideBand – Voice).

Yes, its not just about talking to random people anymore. Its a sport. A Radiosport.

I need to fix my home shack antennas and try contesting from home sometime. Here is a video of an operator handling a pileup (tens of stations trying to contact YOU). I have done a bunch of these as well for W1AW/6 and its a lot of fun –

One month old already

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One month old already

Originally uploaded by Dalfry

Our baby girl is one month old today. She loves to stare at bright
lights. Has no fear of loud banging sounds but gets startled with the
slightest ting from the kitchen downstairs.

She loves listening to music, is a quiet baby in the absence of
hunger, colic and a dirty diaper. Kicks a lot trying to push herself
up. Loves to hang out on my shoulder with hers arms dangling out
towards my back.

Tomorrow is her first month doctor’s appointment and she will get her
first immunization shots. We are bracing for any after effects she
might have.

Calaveras Airport Short Final (KCPU)

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Calaveras Airport Short Final (KCPU)

Originally uploaded by Dalfry

October 19th 2008.
Our longest trip to date. Palo Alto Airport (KPAO) to Calaveras Airport (KCPU) and back.

Tried to meetup with Joy ( and Piyush (returning back from mono lake) but their cell phones were not reachable.

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