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LAS Vegas Baby!

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That subject line is all that I can gather for the excitement part of being in Vegas (technically) for the first time.

Totally unplanned trip, bought my ticket 20 mins before I left for the airport from home. Long story cut short, after 6 hours of flying from New York (JFK), am at Las Vegas International Airport, waiting for fscking SouthWest check-in counters to wake up so that I can check-in to my flight to Reno (RNO) where I will change planes to fly to Portland (PDX).

I have a special interest in airline technology but I am getting sick of flying red eye flights. The fact that this post is heavily href’d shows how bored I am right now.

Vegas airport is HUGE. This place, as expected, has a heavy touch of showbiz industry. Flashy multiscreen displays all over the place. The crowd on the airport seemed to be a different kind of a mixture of people than what I get to see in New York. Slot machines are easily accessible even on the airport. I saw a few people using them at even 2.30 am. There are a lot of aviation related display shelves depicting how this airport came into being and the different kinds of aircrafts that have landed here. Interesting to go through but I dont have the head to absorb that kinda information right now.

The airport is nice, just that I could not find anything to eat at this hour. Its about 6.00 am new york time and 3.00 am Vegas time.

Wifi is free, just like PDX (damn you New York Port authority).

I think the SouthWest counter just opened. I should check-in.


pdx wifi

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At PDX, yet again, on my way back to New York. Was here last weekend too. We had tons of fun with my brother flying down from Arizona and Pooja’s brother from Detroit. Processing and upload of pics is pending as usual.

Wifi on PDX is good. They make you sign the usual “Terms of service” and then this graphic showing you your current location.

Port 25 is open too. Haven’t seen a public network with an open port 25 for a long time.

*yawn*. My body is getting used to being jetlagged every two weekends. Boarding starts in 10 mins.


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WordPress rocks!

Just finished deploying the new version of our website at work. Circumstances forced me to go neck deep into php/html programming after a long time. It works on IE and firefox. Needs some more work to look good on other browsers and some older versions of Firefox. This completes about 75% of the effort. Rest 25% still needs some thinking and coding.

Last few weeks have been hectic and the next 2 weeks don’t look easy either.

Enough for the day. My fingers hurt.

Music to my ears

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Between all the madness of handling the office move, I saw someone playing a guitar and my wish to learn to play a guitar surfaced again. Other than the instruments I play, I always liked guitar and piano. I learnt various percussion instruments for 7 years in high school. Tried my hand on string instruments too but could not put in enough time to practice. I know a couple of guitar shops in NYC. I might end up buying a guitar over this weekend. Will take help of some clueful friends though.

Another good song from my archives – Khamosh Raat from the movie Thakshak.

Khamosh raat
sehami hawa
tanaha tanaha dil apna

Aur dooor kahin
raushan hua
ek chehra

Ye sach hai ya sapna
Ye sach hai ya sapna

Singer: Roop Kumar Rathod
Music: A.R. Rehman

*sigh* Back to work.

Coast to coast

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Memorial day long weekend turned out to be one blissful trip. Karthik aka bumboo or shitfire (as he is known on Bullet Bangalore), has been in San Jose, CA for the past few weeks on a project. We decided to get together for a trip around San Jose/SFO/LA area.

Flight from Newark to San Jose was a treat. Had a young couple from Tehran travelling with me and the seat in front of us had a baby doll making faces at us all along the flight. Continental had these Verizon airphones which one could use for their Jetconnect service. As such I couldn’t do anything more than chatting on YM and MSN but then helped me setup email to LJ posting. LJ’s email servers were overloaded at that time and the two posts I sent on May 28th evening, went through, finally.

California is much better than New Jersey. One gets so much breathing space when you look around. We left from San Jose to Los Angeles, early in the morning on 29th. Rest of the day was full of driving around LA and then a tour of Universal Studios. It was long and tiring but a very nice experience. I specially liked the “Back to the future”, “T3” and “Animal planet” shows. We missed the Jurassic park ride by minutes before the park closed. The day ended with a shopping spree. I think I can make another trip to universal in a couple of months or maybe next year to complete the things I missed this time.

Second day (Sunday, 30th) was Disney Land day. I was expecting Disney Land to be better than Universal, but it turned out to be the opposite. This may have been because we did not go to the theme parks. We barely had tine to finish all the joy/scare rides at disney. I liked the “water rafting experience” more than anything else. The day was hot and all I needed to let go of all the steam was a shower. Absolute bliss. Made me forget all the aches and pains of the 2 tiring days at LA. As usual, the disney experience ended with a shopping spree. I bought 5 coffee mugs.

We drove back the same evening after touching Santa Monica beach in LA. I can now proudly say that I have touched US coast to coast (errr, conditions apply).

Day three started lazed out. We reached San Jose at 5am. Slept for a couple hours and then sync’d with . Muchos gracias to him for the excellent persian lunch, sweets and a guided tour of Yahoo’s HQ. The way they name their conference rooms (anywhere, everywhere and somewhere) was amusing. The harley, fighter aircrafts, campus color theme, mmk’s cube, the machine that mmk uses to build YM unix client, boy! ain’t I lucky to have seen all that. 🙂 Ah! And then a movie hero ishtyle photo session with mmk. 😀 The last pic proves, I still have not got the hang of how to buy the right length of jeans in the US. :-\

Spent an hr. at the golden gate bridge and then the steep, semi crooked streets of San Francisco. On the way back from golden gate bridge, I had my laptop on and almost all along the way, I had atleast 12 – 15 wifi signals available. 10% of them were “Netgear”, “Linksys” or “Default”. Most of them running without encryption.

After the heavy lunch with , I had no scope for an early dinner, but then Sunitha had invited us for dinner and I could not resist the yum paneer bhurji + curd vegetable salad + rotis. Yum stuff. Ofcourse, I had fun with Sunitha’s kiddo too. 🙂

Now what? Now, I need a vacation after a vacation.

Bleh! Back to work.

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