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Is the new iPad Pro worth your money? Maybe, Maybe not.

I don’t know. But thanks for clicking through to read this post. 🙂 Who am I to tell you if the new iPad Pro is worth your money or not. It is your money and it is for you to take that decision, maybe based on the classic “Need vs. Want” analysis. But why would you go through that? You know you don’t “need it” but you do “want it”. Right?

That point aside, just like a bollywood movies, there exist two dozen formulas for post titles that are recycled as “new and informative material”.

Like these –

  • 5 reasons why you should buy an iPad Pro
  • 5 reasons why you should not buy an iPad pro this holiday season
  • 10 reasons why Apple is doomed
  • 10 reasons why everyone is losing to Apple

Some of them do have interesting content but the title and the tone of these articles is so generalized that it just does not apply to everyone and does not make sense at all in the larger context.

I used to ignore them but with such titles sprinkled all over the web, you do sometimes get in the trap, end up reading through and then crawl out disappointed.

Try these google searches and see for yourself. Some interesting patterns emerge –

And my recent favorite –
5 Reasons Why People Who Cry A Lot Are Mentally Strong

To think of it now, I did read some of these formula articles and was mentally stronger every time. Thank you for reading through this one.

BTW, I do “want” and have 5 reasons for the iPad pro this holiday season. 🙂