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Ham Radio setup in California

Originally uploaded by Dalfry

HF propagation is so unpredictable. Just yesterday night we were
talking to radio stations from Hawaii to Idaho to Texas and North
Carolina and tonight, 20 meter band is totally dead. Not even a single

Surprisingly, there were still a few morse code stations audible. More
reason to finish those last three morse code training sessions.

BTW, this pic is our current radio setup at home. A table right next
to the balcony where the antenna is hoisted 10 ft in the air using my
camera tripod and conveniently hidden behind a pillar to avoid
complaints from neighbors. Also a copper wire running to the water
pipe for better electrical grounding. The rig sucks 23 amps on full
100 watt transmit power.

If nothing else, we can probably write a chapter on stealth ham radio
operation from a balcony.