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As of 11/02/2007 1.45pm, I have a FAA Private Pilot Single Engine Land certificate or most commonly known as a Private Pilot License (in India).

It took me rest of the day on Friday and this morning to catch up with what had just happened. After the Checkride, I was driving back home and my head just went quiet as if a hammer hit me. Met Tom this morning and he said something that I am still trying to absorb – “Do you realize you can now fly to *anywhere*? That means *anywhere*! To the beach, to Seattle, even to California, whenever you want to“. I was so involved with the training and enjoying it that I had not given any thought to what all I could do once I had the certificate. It is still a bit hazy.

I can fly any single engine land airplane which has a 200BHP or less engine and which does not have a retractable landing gear. Once the rest of the paperwork is complete, we might fly down to Siletz bay tomorrow. The beach is walking distance from the airport.

The checkride was an interesting experience. More on that later.