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After hearing from Tom about how much fun Geocaching was, I mentioned it to Pooja and she got excited about trying it and I too wanted to see how it worked.

I first read about it several years ago when I started playing with GPS receivers. With no GPS receiver to play with, it was just another “tech news” to me in those days. But I am glad we tried it over this weekend and were very successful. Of course we had a lot of fun.

We started with creating an account on while looking for software options for the Treo 680 to manage the cache locations and details. After going through a few forums, we decided to try GeoNiche for the Palm with my Holux bluetooth receiver.

We were thrilled to find out that we had 4 caches hidden within a few hundered feet of our apartment.

The first one (The Shadow Knows) was pretty easy, hidden in the bushes. Second one (Dr. Octopus) was easy too except that we didn’t claim it because it was hidden under a tree which was a very dirty place to crawl under because of the rain. The third one was interesting – a multi-cache called “Long Walk Teddy“. And boy it was a long walk even after we cheated by using a car to count the 16 powerline pylons. Here is the description –

This cache is fairly simple, but involves a bit of a stroll through Beaverton trails and neighborhoods. It’s about 5 miles roundtrip, so bring your walking shoes.

At the above coordinates, you will be at the beginning of a paved path heading Northwest. Off to your left there is a large electrical pylon. It is #1. You will have to walk past 16 of these types of pylons to find the cache. Disregard all other telephone and power poles. We are only dealing with the exact type that match #1. At one point, you will have to walk through suburbia to maintain your course, but you will never need to be on Private Property. AFTER you pass the 16th pylon, look for a yellow natural gas pipe marker. The cache is about 7 feet to the west of it. Happy Trails!

When we reached the final pylon the first time, we could not spot the box. Had lunch, came back home, looked up the area on google earth to confirm that we had the right pylon number. 🙂 Then went back and found it! We also ended up finding another cache 50m away (Monk Monk Cache) from this one and that was the last one for the day.

Overall, it was a fun day. We ended up walking almost 2 miles back and forth and spent half a day to find 4 caches.

Oh! and there are 30 caches in India too. Some people travel international destinations just to geocache. And we now know why.

Good fun!

Thank you Tom.