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My FAA knowledge test finally happened, but not without some effort.

Studied like crazy, gave lots of sample tests (scores 85% – 94%) and was trying to push towards 95% or more. This is probably the first time in my life that I was trying to push scores rather than just trying to pass (70% required in this case). 🙂 So I reached the airport at 9am, prepared, but could not give the test because I did not have my passport with me. Had to reschedule for 1pm which gave me a chance to polish a few topics a bit more.

Took the test at 1pm and scored 93%. PASS! I was happy but not too much. I came 3% short of my goal.

Anyways, the creepy part is that this is the third time something has happened in the past few months. Pooja talks in her sleep sometimes and at first I used to ignore but lately, I started talking back to her and she responds to my questions! It was kinda fun to start with until what she said started coming true months later in the future.

First was about her previous employer going belly up (with approximate dates). I told her when she woke up and we laughed about it and then it happened. Then a second incident at home and now about my knowledge test. She was alseep and talking about some weekend in October about us flying down to Crater Lake now that I had my Private Pilot License and I asked her how much did I score in the knowledge test and she said “93%!!”.

Ofcourse she said a few other things which did not come true but then who knows, its too early to say. 😉

Anyways, I am kind of happy with the test result. I feel much better, more confident and geared up to prepare for my final checkride for the private pilot certificate.