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LAS Vegas Baby!

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That subject line is all that I can gather for the excitement part of being in Vegas (technically) for the first time.

Totally unplanned trip, bought my ticket 20 mins before I left for the airport from home. Long story cut short, after 6 hours of flying from New York (JFK), am at Las Vegas International Airport, waiting for fscking SouthWest check-in counters to wake up so that I can check-in to my flight to Reno (RNO) where I will change planes to fly to Portland (PDX).

I have a special interest in airline technology but I am getting sick of flying red eye flights. The fact that this post is heavily href’d shows how bored I am right now.

Vegas airport is HUGE. This place, as expected, has a heavy touch of showbiz industry. Flashy multiscreen displays all over the place. The crowd on the airport seemed to be a different kind of a mixture of people than what I get to see in New York. Slot machines are easily accessible even on the airport. I saw a few people using them at even 2.30 am. There are a lot of aviation related display shelves depicting how this airport came into being and the different kinds of aircrafts that have landed here. Interesting to go through but I dont have the head to absorb that kinda information right now.

The airport is nice, just that I could not find anything to eat at this hour. Its about 6.00 am new york time and 3.00 am Vegas time.

Wifi is free, just like PDX (damn you New York Port authority).

I think the SouthWest counter just opened. I should check-in.



  1. >heavy touch of showbiz industry

    Totally agree. It’s funny.

    Go to the Stratosphere Tower. Also, if you like night clubs, try the Tao (it’s in the Venetian, I think).

  2. I was in transit through LAS to Portland. Did not have any time to go around Vegas.

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