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Dynamic music update.

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Just wrote a small script to update an html page on the web whenever I changed my song on XMMS.

Works great. 🙂


  1. Did you use the song change plug-in?

    I am looking for a way to put the current XMMS song in Live Lizard – the Mozilla based LJ Client

  2. My cam has featured the current track from XMMS for several months now.

    Except I don’t use XMMS anymore so it’s been stuck at (none) for a while now.

  3. Yes! I am calling a shell script from the song change plugin which forms an html page and scp’s it up transparently in the background.

    Currently struggling to get this thingy to work with a cgi script so that I can write update / show scripts on my website.

    lynx seems to be munging the string passed to it on command line. :-\

  4. Yup. I’ve seen that. Nice stuff.

    Wanted to do that but my webcam does not work on linux. Basically this XMMS thingy too is just a temp. R & D sake. 😉

  5. lynx seems to be munging the string passed to it on command line. :-\

    Is the string URL encoded?

    I am looking for how pressing the button on LogJam puts the song in the text box

  6. I use jabber and a bunch of scripts to do it – check the right hand top corner of my page, and you’ll see my current music, if I’m online, that is.

  7. I am only interested in the current music part… …
    How to get the current song and title from a running XMMS

  8. Install the xmms-dev package, and check out /usr/include/xmms/xmmsctrl.h – that’s what you would use to connect to xmms and get info about the song etc

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