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Got the bike back today.

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– Teflon Coating
– Change of Bore / Piston set
– General checkup

2 weeks of going around in auto rikshaws and now am back on my dear bike.

Got ton of work to do in the office today. Will spill over to tomorrow it seems. Anyway, good for me. If I finish everything today, wont have anything to do tomorrow. 😉

Anyway, the day seems to be good. Lets see how it goes. Planning to go on a short ride around town this evening.

Our Bullet-Bangalore Group got its name today – Rolling Thunder Group

The khardung-la bunch is leaving on sunday morning. Planning to go see them off by riding with them for some time on sunday in the morning, have breakfast and come back.

6’Oclock on sunday. 🙁 I guess its worth it.

Oh Yeah, forgot. Went to radio city today for another recording of “How Radio City’s feature of our group helped us in blah blah ways.”. I think I spoke better today. Would be aired tomorrow between 11am and 12 pm.

We (Rolling Thunder Group) Rock the roads, Radio City Rocks the Whole City!!



  1. u mean RC reeeeeeellllly rockz da city????
    dontcha think u need ta doubly recheck dat!!??

  2. Oye!
    I was on da mic there, with the RJ in front of me expecting me to give a feedback about how our bikers group was benefitted by da feature they aired!

    I “had” to puke something that sounded on da mic na!

    Even otherwise, RCFM91 is not that bad. Is it?

  3. i requested em to play me ‘road houz blooz’ of the DOORZ…n they temme they dunno wot i’m talkin abt..!!??
    butt hey….
    u were on da mic….?must’ve been one helluvanxpeeerience…?

  4. You should have replied back!!

    Anyway, well…. yes the experience of recording on da mic is different, very different. We tend to think, yeah I can say on the mic. But there in the recording room, *everything* is soooo silent, you hear nothing but your own voice, in the headphone, which gets confusing at times and gives you more time to think than you ever thought about. 😀

    And if you think while speaking on the mic, all those aaaa mmmm ‘s in the lines spoil the soundbyte.

    Not that easy a job, pal.

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