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Dealing with Legacy Infrastructure

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Dealing with legacy infrastructure is like dealing with the sunset scenario of an old car. If timed right, maximum ROI can be extracted out of the old car before investing in the latest and greatest technology of a new car. Migrating infrastructure up to the cloud is one transition option but there still are significant use cases for physical […]

Passive Network Security Monitoring

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Most people visualize “IT security” as – sophisticated, protected by body builders with dark glasses, men-in-black type images and Firewalls !! Focusing just on network security, one way to slice it would be – active and passive network security. Network security is a constant battle of keeping up with new software / system exploit techniques. […]

Software Defined Everything

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Information Technology world lives and breathes buzzwords. No doubt there is innovation happening but the over hype-fication by crafty marketing teams almost borders the snake-oil experience. For example, here is what Google says about Cloud Computing – Cloud Com-put-ing The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and […]

Is the new iPad Pro worth your money?

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Is the new iPad Pro worth your money? Maybe, Maybe not. I don’t know. But thanks for clicking through to read this post. 🙂 Who am I to tell you if the new iPad Pro is worth your money or not. It is your money and it is for you to take that decision, maybe […]

Exchange ActiveSync – iPhone – Why certificate lookups don’t work?

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If you handle any kind of confidential material on your work email (most of us do), encrypted email is a must to ensure confidentiality and security of the material being moved around. Warning: This is a long text post with lots of tech details. No pretty diagrams this time. Other than the proprietary solutions for intra-company […]

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